Ardent General corporate office – 8,000 SF New Ground Up Metal Building with Warehouse, Class-A Office Space, and yard space

Our mission was to stretch the limits of convention in pre-engineered metal building construction. It was important to us that our new office be a reflection of our style and our typical work—commercial, industrial, and rugged, yet refined and sophisticated. To accomplish this, we used a combination of exposed raw materials that represent the construction industry and what we do. Visitors will find polished concrete, reclaimed wood, raw metal, glass, and exposed beams and columns throughout our space. Glass interior office walls provide an amazing aesthetic and open feeling, where any office in our building has a view of the exterior and natural light. As an added bonus, you can write with a dry erase marker in any office during quick meetings (a feature we use on a regular basis)!

Client: Ardent General Inc.

Completion Date: n/a

Location: Fresno

Category: Commercial Construction

Square Feet: 8,000 ft.2


The primary challenges were the site layout and cost management without design reduction. This project allowed us to become familiar with what our clients go through during a conventional purchase-then-build scenario.


We utilized our design style, architect, and consultant team members to derive a metal building that is more aesthetically pleasing than the standard but still more cost effective than a traditional office space. We decided to change the building orientation to allow trucks to drive through the site, and reduced some structural details to save in cost that allowed us to spend more on finishes. In doing this, we paid careful attention to building layout, points of entry, access to roll up doors, and drive-through functions to ensure that our site would reduce facility costs for the years to come.

Ardent General, Inc Corporate Office
Ardent General, Inc Corporate Office


Our metal building far surpasses the standard but is still more cost effective than a traditional building. We were also now able to clearly understand banking and financing requirements from start to finish—a valuable lesson. This enables us to help walk clients through the process based on our personal experience.