Valley Music Center is an exclusive Steinway & Sons dealer. The client's goal was to build a new space that showcased the brand and Steinway Piano Show Room, allowed live Piano recitals, and incorporated student practice areas.

Elaborate detail and exquisite design were the key to completing this tenant improvement. Our high standards and attention to detail were needed to achieve the level of fit and finish required to represent the Steinway brand and Valley Music Center appropriately. The majority of the space features curving walls, floating ceilings, and specialty lighting to showcase the sales and recital areas.

Client: Valley Music Center

Completion Date: January 2018

Location: Fresno, CA

Category: Tenant Improvement

Square Feet: 4,113 ft.2


The client had a tight budget, but wanted high-end finishes. We were tasked early on to provide conceptual budgets and hold the client to those through construction to ensure the project viability. The biggest challenge would be the construction of large-radius curved walls with inset doors within a relatively small space.


For a solution to the budget, Ardent General leaned on our years of high-end construction, detailed job cost data, expert budgeting tactics, and excellent value engineering to keep the initial budget through completion of the project. We found unique solutions to each of the individual challenges presented, from lighting and luxury finishes to ceiling systems and sound absorption.

Ardent General Inc - Valley Music Center
Ardent General Inc - Valley Music Center


The net result of all of the project team’s effort is an amazingly beautiful space to showcase the nicest pianos ever built. This is a project we are proud to have been involved in.