Justin Barton


About Justin

Justin has 15 years of industry experience, and for nine of those years, he has served as Project Manager. He excels in his ability to direct complex projects from concept to completion and is goal-oriented with strong leadership skills. He takes pride in his ability to resolve potential problems in construction documents prior to actual construction, as well as his ability to analyze field challenges and provide win-win solutions for all parties involved. Justin pays attention to details but also has the ability to see the bigger picture—which ensures that the project meets goals from the small, individual pieces to the larger whole.


On The Hook

He has been accused of having a slight fishing problem, but this has yet to be confirmed.


Music Man

He is a music aficionado with a music library that could play for two months straight without repeating a song!


A is for Ardent

He selected “Ardent” as the business name because the definition reflects his own personality—being first in the phone book helped, too.